Retractable Bed Covers

Starting at $1350

General Information

Auto Accessories & More is an authorized Retrax dealer. Retrax is the leader in retractable, truck bed covers that are designed and engineer specifically for your vehicle. Retractable bed covers are stylish, secure, and tough.

Retrax covers feature a matte finish with low-profile patented design that streamlines the overall appearance of your truck.  The truck bed cover can be manually or electronically locked in any position along the rail, keeping the contents of your truck bed protected at all times. The Retrax retractable bed covers are manufactured from reinforced polycarbonate and are connected by durable and flexible hinges to create a strong seal against dust, wear, and weather.

As an authorized Retrax dealer, we can quickly order and install the retractable truck bed cover specifically designed for your make and model. For more information or to order your retractable truck bed cover, book a consultation or call 325-795-9500.


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