Conquering the Cold: Cold Weather Vehicle Accessories

As the icy grip of winter approaches, preparing your vehicle for the changing conditions is crucial for safe and confident driving. With these essential steps and cold weather vehicle accessories, you can transform your car into a winter warrior. Ensure optimal performance and peace of mind even during the harshest Texas winter with Auto Accessories & More.

Tire Traction: Embracing the Grip

The bedrock of winter driving safety lies in proper tire selection. Summer tires, with their hardened rubber compound, lose grip significantly in cold temperatures and snow. Switching to dedicated winter tires is paramount. These tires boast a softer rubber compound that maintains flexibility in the cold, while their aggressive tread patterns bite into snow and ice for superior traction. Investing in winter tires is not a frivolous expense. It is a crucial safety measure.

Auto Accessories & More offers a wide selection of winter and all-season tires from brands including Toyo, Nitto, Yokohama, BFGoodrich and more. Enter your vehicle information at in the Interactive Garage and see a 3-D rendering of your vehicle outfitted with winter tires!

Battery Resilience: Avoiding the Cold Cranking Blues

Cold weather wreaks havoc on car batteries, draining their power and hindering engine starts. Before winter arrives, a thorough battery test is essential. If the battery shows signs of weakness, replacing it is the prudent choice. A dead battery in the middle of a snowstorm can turn into a frustrating and potentially dangerous situation. Proactive battery maintenance eliminates this risk.

Visit the Quick Lane department at Arrow Ford to have your battery tested before it becomes a hassle. You can schedule an appointment here.

Clear Vision: Ensuring Safe Visibility

Worn-out wiper blades become ineffective in winter conditions, leaving drivers squinting through streaks of ice and snow. Replacing them with winter-specific wiper blades designed for optimal performance in snow and sleet is crucial. Additionally, ensuring the windshield wiper fluid reservoir is filled with a winterized blend that won’t freeze at low temperatures guarantees clear visibility, a non-negotiable element of safe winter driving.

Gear Up for Winter Preparedness

While essential maintenance ensures basic winter driving capability, these cold weather vehicle accessories can further enhance your car’s performance and preparedness:

  • Ice scraper and snow brush: A sturdy ice scraper with a built-in brush is a winter driving must-have. This handy tool is great for clearing ice and snow from windows and windshields. Auto Accessories & More has new ice scrapers in-store, just in time for the drop in temps.
Arrow Branded Ice Scraper
  • Portable jump starter: Be the Good Samaritan with a portable jump starter, ready to assist fellow drivers facing dead batteries in the cold. Auto Accessories & More has NOCO Jump Starters, which you can get with your FordPass Points!
NOCO Jump Starter - Ford Accessories
  • Heavy-duty floor mats: Winter boots often track in snow, slush, and salt, which can wreak havoc on your car’s carpets. Investing in durable floor mats specifically designed for winter weather protects your interior. Auto Accessories & More offers WeatherTech floormats, which are molded to your vehicles exact specifications.
A closeup of a black floor liner shows ice and snow accumulated.

Remember, proactive preparation is key to navigating the challenges of winter driving, ensuring both your safety and the longevity of your beloved vehicle. Fickle Texas weather can turn icy in a moments notice, so outfitting your vehicle early is the best way to stay prepared.

Visit Auto Accessories & More and let our experienced staff help you find the cold weather vehicle accessories on your list.