Window Tint 101

A red Chevrolet sports car is parked in front of a red and orange sunset. The car has dark tinted windows and black custom wheels.

There are many options for window tint in Abilene, TX. From material to percentage to installation, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to selecting the right window tint. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know about window tint:

Texas Regulations

Front Windows: Window tinting on windows to the left and right of the driver must have a light transmittance value of 25% or more.

Back Windows: If the vehicle has side mirrors, there is no restrictions on the darkness of your window tint on the back passenger windows and back windshield of your vehicle. You may have heard of limousine tint – this refers to window tinting that allows only 5% of light into the window.

Brow: Window tint on the windshield must be applied above the AS-1 line. This is the area up to 5 inches below the top of the windshield.

Click here for a full description of Texas Window Tinting Standards.

Auto Accessories & More follows all Texas Window Tinting standards. While it is helpful to understand these regulations, know that we will not install any product that does not follow Texas Administrative Codes.


Auto Accessories & More offers Ceramic tint and Nano Ceramic tint options. But what is the difference?

Ceramic tint blocks additional sunlight and infrared heat than traditional tint. Nano Ceramic tint blocks up to 92% of infrared rays, making for a cooler interior of your vehicle, even on the hottest day. Ceramic tint and Nano Ceramic tint also offer superior visibility over traditional tint. Traditional tint uses carbon dye to block light and distorts the view through the glass.


Our staff can help you determine which window tint is right for you. Once you have selected your ideal window tint, we can schedule the installation. Our in-house expert installer can complete your window tinting in just a few hours. After your window tint is installed, it is important to not roll your windows down for 48 hours. You may see one or two tiny bubbles in your tint when your vehicle is returned to you, but don’t be worried! These bubbles will disappear in the days after installation. Of course, if there are any lingering issues, we back our product and installation fully and will happily address any problems you have.

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